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Partnumber Package Manufacturer Quantity Datecode Condition Packed Location RoHS Price Info link Description
500-5016-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i analog output
500-5023-Siemens Texas Instruments4na--naRFQ i high speed pulse input
500-5030-Siemens Texas Instruments16na--naRFQ i 32 pt lvdc input
500-5031-Siemens Texas Instruments11na--naRFQ i 32 pt lvdc output
500-5035-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i programmable basic
500-5037-A-Siemens Texas Instruments6na--naRFQ i 8 channel analog input
500-5037-A-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i 8 channel analog input, this one may have a failing channel
500-5039-Siemens Texas Instruments2na--naRFQ i TIway I network interface
500-5047-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i 8 channel analog output 0-10V 0-20mA
500-5047A-Siemens Texas Instruments6na--naRFQ i 8 channel analog output 0-10V 0-20mA
500-5052-Siemens Texas Instruments5na--naRFQ i resistance temperature detector (dure kaarten / expensive cards)
500-5606-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i Siemens tap housing
500-5845-Siemens Texas Instruments6na--naRFQ i 14 module i/o base
500-5892-Siemens Texas Instruments2na--naRFQ i 6 module i/o base, 1440 VA max per output module, assy nr 2493610-0001
500-8110 D-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i 500-2161 6MT/serie 500 controller installationsanleitung
500-8111-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i models 500-2151(A) Installation manual
500-8112-Siemens Texas Instruments4na--naRFQ i 500-5030 LVDC 32 point input users manual
500-8112 D-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i 500-5030 24-volt gleichstromeingangsmodul benutzerhandbuch
500-8113-Siemens Texas Instruments3na--naRFQ i 500-5031 LVDC 32 point output users manual
500-8113 D-Siemens Texas Instruments1na--naRFQ i 500-5031 24-volt gleichstromausgangsmodul benutzerhandbuch