NEW: Original Freescale NXP MC908AP32ACFBE / MC908AP32ACFBER

Original Siemens KSY10 Hall sensors in good quality!

Vishay / BC Components capacitors, we have:

Electronic Components Distribution

We sell / distribute electronic components to industry, universities, aerospace, but also small companies

Attention, we have a new business co-operation model:

Asset recovery and stock liquidation

We recover your electronics (components but also equipment) assets and restore the money you have put in your electronic component stock. We turn it into cash again. We buy and sell much brandnew overstock from Dutch and other OEMs and CEMs. We also buy and sell electronic components and equipment that are older, difficult to find or obsolete. The difference we make: we get you a good price!

We also specialize in parts that you bought as last-time-buy. That limits your risks in buying too much: you can always resell them. So do buy enough in the last-time-buy to prevent production issues. We can even talk about us reselling them at the moment you buy, we can predict if parts are resellable, we have a very good market insight.

The two main possibilities are:

We can sell fast because we have many contacts all over the world. See our stock for the full list of components.